Water Colours

St. Joseph, an atoll in the Indian Ocean, with vast surfaces of water on flats that you can walk for hours, exposes a breathtaking palette of different colours of water.

St. Joseph belongs to the Amirante Islands; it can be reached by boat from Desroches. People go there for fly fishing and sometimes diving. Even if you don’t fish, it’s worth joining a group of fishermen, and just walk the flats for the beauty of the landscape and the environment. The island is situated close to the equator, so the sun beats down, and you better protect yourself very well, as the rays are also reflected from the water surface.

So the others did their fishing thing, while I stood out of the way of their angle lines and sharp hooks whizzing through the air, and took pictures. And just enjoyed being there. We literally walked for hours, all day long. One beautiful scenery after the other.

It’s one of the most awesome places I have ever experienced in my life.