You Had It Coming

Here it is, the mandatory sunset picture from where I live. You knew you had it coming, right?! :)

Many people seem to feel an urge to take pictures of sunsets, especially at the sea. I am as susceptible as the next gal, or guy, so I have taken a ton already. Sure, few of these look gorgeous, also as the conditions are different every day. And when shooting, I usually think that this time I have nailed a really better, different shot. Yay! Then, when going through my pictures in Lightroom, I often find out that I shot more of the same, with slight variations. But right at the moment of the shot, I had felt enthusiastic.

I guess it’s the sheer, overwhelming beauty of the moment that triggers these feelings. And each of these moments actually is different, it just does not always show in the pictures.

So I still watch every sunset, up on the terrace. But I take fewer pictures. Way fewer. But I usually still have a camera with me, just in case, you never know… is there a Sunset Shooters Anonymous?