In Mauritius, many, many people have dogs. Some keep them well, some not so much, alas. And the sheer number results in even more puppies. And so on. Many end up as stray dogs.

My friend Corinna – first picture below –, a long time ago, has started an ongoing project and is relentlessly persuading people to have their dogs sterilised, in order to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals. She collects money and then organises days in several villages and towns, where people can bring their dogs and cats for sterilisation, free of cost.

PAWS is a local organisation dedicated to animal welfare. A PAWS team joins Corinna and her volunteer helpers on these days, with veterinary surgeons and technicians to do the sterilisations, and they also do vaccinations and treatments in general, and they give advice.

These days are deeply memorable. Very dedicated and helpful people. Well organised by Corinna and Rose. The vets very professional, caring, loving these animals. Sometimes there is sadness as well, when a poor animal has to be put out of its misery.

Each dog and their owners tell their story, with or without words.