Time Travel

Migrating the old posts over is quite a time travel. I haven been writing here since June 2015, shortly after I had arrived in Mauritius. It’s both funny, interesting, and slightly embarrassing at times to re-read my posts. Sometimes I am tempted to delete, or exclude a post. Or to substantially change some wording. But this would not feel right. This site should be a diary, bad and better stuff included. Sure, when I see a typo, I’ll correct it. Or add, or extend a sentence in case I think it would help the understanding, but only here and there.

I’ll admit, though, that I added some more pictures here. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t so this in the first place, as they add substantial character and colour, and give a real impression of how this game world looks.

So I went and flew over some landscapes and cities and took more pictures. I am the bird in the centre of the shots.

One more thing. I realised how much more often I jotted something down in the early days. I am currently in 2015, as I migrate from old to newer, now that 2018 and 2017 are done. It’s easier to link this way, obviously. My early posts were shorter, but more frequent. I think maybe I should return to this MO, or find a better balance at least. Now that I can simply fire up my text editor, write and publish without having to log on to a server, I realise how much I disliked that lately, building, or being, a barrier to posting.

Anyway, here you have it. A quick update.