Winter Is Coming

Autumn has arrived, and winter is coming. Still warm, or even hot during the day, but way cooler during the night.

It’s a beautiful time of the year.

As the rainy period and the cyclone season are over – fingers crossed –, the sea is pretty calm now, and the rivers don’t transport all that mud and stuff out into the open water, so that the underwater visibility is very good at the moment. We had many stormy and rainy periods this summer. And the water is still warm, 30 deg at the surface, 28 deg at 30-ish meters.

While the picture suggests stormy weather – it was taken on past Saturday, shortly after sunrise – , we actually had gorgeous days since. Just blue skies, mostly cloudless, which is rare for this island, where cloud formations traveling across are the usual sight. But this view would make for a boring picture, while this one is pretty neat (as usual, click to enlarge).

It’s close to three years since I have arrived in Mauritius. In January, I had to renew my residence permit.

I am home now.

(This post’s title is an homage to my first post here on the island.)