Lychas serratus?

I knew we have scorpion fish here, but I wasn’t aware we also have real ones.1

The other day, I detected this visitor, a smallish scorpion. Each square of the paper is 5mm, to give you an idea of its size. Searching the interwebs did not turn up lots of information, I found this and this. Comparing the pictures through my lay person eyes, sure, this could be the one. Then again, there are 1,000 or so different species in the order of scorpions, and I have no idea what to check for the purpose of identification.

Wikipedia has this to say about scorpions in general. Definitely interesting creatures indeed.

I asked around, and people told me that being stung is pretty painful, so I thought I’d forgo that experience. When I caught the scorpion on the floor of my apartment, it was sort of stunned, ie. not running away. I nearly stepped on it. I then kept it in a small “terrarium” for a day or so, just to observe it a bit. However, it mostly kept still, during the day anyway, as scorpions are night-active, but also when is was dark I couldn’t see much activity. Then again, my “terrarium” was a plastic box with transparent walls, so I guess it just decided it’s safer to lie low and not attract any attention. I had put some soil in there, and it was difficult to detect the animal easily. Nice camouflage. Then, the other day, I set it free. It disappeared immediately from my view. It felt good to let it go, actually, it had felt increasingly wrong to keep it locked up.

  1. Zoologists, yes, I am aware that the fish and the land animal only have part of the name in common, which is related to their ability to sting. Aside from the fact that all animals, human or not, probably share some DNA, given our evolutionary roots. ↩︎