As of today, I have switched the domain name back to life-new.me.

The temporary domain grayraven.org will still work for some time, but your browser gets a redirection to the now correct domain name (check the browser’s address field above).

Alas, the browsers do not seem to automatically update any bookmarks, even though it is informed that the change is permanent (status code 301). Stupid browsers.

The switch back to life-new.me of course signifies that I have migrated all contents over from the Wordpress blog. Yay.

If you’re into tidbits of life: Grayraven is the name of my first character in World of Warcraft. She explored the world of Azeroth, with curiosity and amazement in her eyes, encountering people and making friends. The game was way different then, more intense and interesting. These days, Grayraven is mostly enjoying calm days in Stormwind and Nighthaven, now that Darnassus has been destroyed, while her younger sister Ygrayne explores the world, faces the dragons and other creatures, and passes adventures.