Charity Centre Market

Yesterday, we held the Christmas Market here at our Charity Centre. Luckily, it was sunny all day, so all plans panned out without any changes. And planning there was.

See, at the Charity Centre, there are two kinds of heavy lifting. The first is planning and preparation, from figuring out the best configuration of tables and other displays to preparing all the goods. And more, such as announcements in the form of posters as well as on-line. And, and. Rose and Francesca had done all this in the weeks ahead, supported by our volunteers. The second kind is literal – taking out all boxes and the racks for the clothes and setting up the all the displays. Currently, we’re going through a hot period. And it’s humid. Setting up and closing down is no picnic. Those frigging boxes and the racks appear to weigh a few more tonnes than usual.

Yesterday, execution was flawless. The wares on display vanished like snow in the spring sun – if you allow this metaphor for those who know, or remember, what snow is. I hardly don’t. Luckily. But I digress. At times it seemed we could hardly keep up with bringing out new stock to refill the tables and racks. I am pretty sure we set a new revenue record, which is a good feeling considering all income flows into charity and support projects for the community.

It was beautiful to see the teamwork of everyone. After setting up, and changing the sweaty t-shirt, I had the opportunity to watch, being on photographer’s duty. The display tables are in disarray in no time, with everyone and their aunt digging through the clothes and other items. Relentless, unwavering, and patient labour is required all day long to keep things somewhat tidy. And the work at the till is pure craziness at times. No, we don’t have laser scanners.

I think the pictures below convey the mood and atmosphere pretty well. What you see here is one of the reasons I want to live here.