We have substantially upgraded our Charity Centre. In particular, we have had a roof built over the front yard, which is the outside sales area. And we have now very fancy tables, shelves, and racks for the clothes – of course all donations or self-made. We had to pay for the roof though. But it’s solid and will withstand cyclones. Ah yes, we also have the ground nicely covered with grey gravel. Whenever I go there I am newly blown away by the new appearance. It’s a different shop now.

Rose and her team have been very busy since the re-opening after the lockdown. People need stuff, and want to spend money. Which is even easier in a nice context and environment. We’re very proud of the upgrade.

Rose also tells me that we have customers not only from Tamarin and Rivière Noire, but also from farther away. Not yet international, but give us time. Our little shop is getting famous. I guess it won’t take long before we have offerings of all kinds from major fashion labels.