As I write this, intense tropical cyclone Freddy is battering the island. Stormy winds, gusts, torrential rain, the full programme. Strong cyclonic rain makes this very particular sound. It’s like an angry hiss. Depending on the source, the central pressure is about 920 to 940 hPa, which results in central gusts of close to 300 km/h. Ouch. The centre of the cyclone should pass Mauritius in the north at a distance of about 120 km. Fingers crossed.

Small Cuts

I had to take a timeout from my work at the Charity Centre. No idea when, or even if, I will return. I am still doing the testing, and sometimes repairing, of all the electric and electronic devices that people donate, or give to us for recycling. It is always a good idea to also have a quick look at the items people deem to be simply recycled, as they often actually still do work, or can be made to work with little effort.

This testing work I can do at home. I don’t go there anymore three times a week. It had become a bit too much, leaving me too little time for all else I would like to do. I haven’t been working on my techie projects for months. Also my photography has taken a big hit. Look when I posted last here. Three days being there, then doing all the testing and repairing, sorting DVDs and CDs, and the different tasks as secretary of the Managing Committee on the remaining days has often resulted in a six or even seven work days week. I am still secretary, and I go there to help when needed, eg. for opening in the morning, or for the market days.

But without any pressure, which allows me to experience everything without that strong feeling of duty and responsibility. I don’t need to care if it’s messy and disorganised. If you know me, you are aware that I like to organise my work, or the work in general. I don’t mind putting in long hours, but I prefer to put them in towards objectives. Even if only improving what is done, and how it is done, in order to be easier tomorrow. Growing as a team. Getting better. Work smarter. The Charity Centre is at its core a messy business, regarding all the donations that flow in, and trying to keep on top of that, but that does not mean the working procedures and organisation have to be. Actually, to the contrary. The messier the basic business, the better organised I would want to be.

I could do that in the Book Corner, where I had worked with Katia, who is very much of the same mind. Organised, focused, decisive. But this is not how the Charity Centre in general operates. Working more is the usual approach to problem solving, not working smarter. Lots of highly inefficient work, as I see it. Even my few attempts to organise the work better where I was involved, outside the Book Corner, were frowned upon. Apart from my cooperation with Katia once a week I also was pretty much alone. Not many of the normal little social interactions I would have appreciated during the day. I hope it’s easy to understand that all this has caused friction, and has often put me into a mood not overly conducive to a positive mindset and well-being. Which of course then negatively impacts the others around me, resulting overall not in a good working situation and environment. Ayo.

A clear break. I think it is a good decision, based on my experience in the few weeks since. Thinking back about all this, there was not the one big issue, it was more like many little cuts. Accumulating. Friction points in daily life between different mindsets maybe. Se lavi-la.

I hope this timeout from the Charity Centre will give me more time out of the timeout from writing here.

Update 2023-02-23: At the end, Freddy did not cause any major problems here in the south west of the island.