NASA recently informed that their Ingenuity Mars helicopter has ended its mission after more than three years.

From the article:

Over an extended mission that lasted for almost 1,000 Martian days, more than 33 times longer than originally planned, Ingenuity was upgraded with the ability to autonomously choose landing sites in treacherous terrain, dealt with a dead sensor, cleaned itself after dust storms, operated from 48 different airfields, performed three emergency landings, and survived a frigid Martian winter.

Designed to operate in spring, Ingenuity was unable to power its heaters throughout the night during the coldest parts of winter, resulting in the flight computer periodically freezing and resetting. These power “brownouts” required the team to redesign Ingenuity’s winter operations in order to keep flying.

Distance-wise maybe not as impressive as updating the attitude control system on a space probe in interstellar space – which simply sounds cool –, but again, little margin for error, with no one around to press a reset button. I also imagine the Ingenuity control software to be somewhat more complex.