Oberon RTK Update

In my previous post about me dabbling with technology I had outlined my modus operandi with always publishing extensions and changes together with an example program.

Exemplifying this, I have just pushed my latest addition and changes to the repo, as described here.

The new and changed code is accompanied by a new example program.

And a description.


Keeping the website up-to-date and in sync with the code – plus ou moins – is a Good Thing,™ at least in the long run. Or so I hope. Even if in the moments of the writing of all this documentation, as minimal as it is, it feels like holding me back. From the Good Stuff.™

And even the Good Stuff is not all the same. I would finally like to find the time to get a crack at the next version of the kernel. But I really need to get the infrastructure basics in place first. Which I feel I have now, apart from the implementation of the watchdog across two cores. For which I now have the foundation with the new module Messages. The watchdog will follow the principle as used in the prototype, but implemented with the new messaging plumbing.