My Workspace


Today, a first peek into my flat in Tamarin, specifically my workspace. As you see, with a view across the sea, facing north. Abstracting from any clouds and the curvature of the earth, and with a very strong telescope, I would see the Seychelles slightly to the left.

I am, of course, still using my trusty MacBook Pro 15", with an Apple Thunderbolt Display 27". I use an external Apple keyboard and a Razer mouse, both with USB connections. I don’t like wireless keyboards and mice, as both have noticeable latency showing up in games, and wireless mice are also heavy due to their battery. USB is somewhat old-fashioned, but it’s also more reliable than wireless.

My Mac still runs OS X Mavericks; I never could warm up to Yosemite, not least due to the bad display of the system font on non-Retina displays (and who likes Helvetica anyway?). I now have the developer beta of El Capitan on my secondary MacBook, and I guess I’ll have to upgrade in fall, else I will start to miss out on too many upgrades of applications and utilities. I am still not overly fond of the looks, and the excessive use of grey-on-a-bit-less-grey UI elements puts some strain on my ageing eyes, but at least the San Francisco font looks acceptable.

The furniture is my old stuff from Switzerland.