Real Winter?

After publishing my last post, while preparing lunch, and looking out of my kitchen window, I was mulling over my words “a real winter day”. What does that even mean? What is real winter?

A Real Winter Day?

I went up to the terrace and shot the this picture. That’s Tamarin Bay today, as seen from my place. It’s also “real winter”.

Or, actually, that is real winter, thinking about it. Mostly sunny, or lightly cloudy, windy sometimes, even strongly so. So, when I wrote “real winter day”, I was unconsciously falling back into an ontology defined by living for decades in Switzerland. It seems even though I got the winter vs. summer change from northern to southern hemisphere already pretty well internalised – however, at times I still do the “plus six months” calculation: ok, now, July, corresponds to January – , I’ll continuously need to adjust to the finer concepts and the perceptions that go with them, and adopt the corresponding wording.