The Little House


When I refer to “my flat” (or apartment), this is only partly true: it is actually a small house belonging to a main house. It is integrated into the compound, with a main gate, driveway, garage, terrace, and infrastructure for water and electricity.

It’s aptly named Yellow House, which is also how the postman refers to it, as there are no house numbers in the street.

Up the Hill

Towns and villages don’t have postal codes either.

We’re located pretty much up the hill, so the streets and the driveway are steep.

My little house has a bedroom and a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and veranda. More pictures to follow.

As you see, the windows open outwards, with a mechanism that holds them in position. Combined with the little awnings this is perfect to leave them open at all times, as even rain with strong winds will not flood the inside. Unless there’s a cyclone, in which case it will be a good idea to close them. I will see during summer.

On the second photo you also see the two dogs I am looking after, William and Shadow.