Tropical Sleeping


As promised, another peek into my little house, my bedroom this time. There’s a mosquito net, of course, even though I don’t have many of the little blood-sucking beasts up here. The net also wards off the evening moths, and probably prevents the geckos that come to visit each night of running over my sheets. :)

At the moment, the heat is not a problem – some 20 to 22 degrees at night –, but for the warmer periods, there are two levels of protection, besides getting rid of my thin duvet and using only the sheet. On the one hand, there’s a slowly turning ventilator on the ceiling, which also gives, together with the mosquito net, an authentic feeling of tropical sleeping. Love it. This solution should be good for most of the time.

On the other hand, there’s also an air conditioner, reserved for the really hot nights. With the AC on, you need to close the windows, of course, and I hate to sleep that way. Also in Switzerland, I kept my bedroom window open 365 days of the year, day and night, heating off. I remember winter temperatures in the room of well below ten degrees. But I digress.

In addition, electricity is pretty expensive here, and an air conditioner is very power hungry, which is another reason not to use it too much. It’s also noisy. With the ventilator I can keep all windows open, and I only hear its soothing swoosh. And the funny noises of the visiting geckos.

The furniture belongs to the apartment.