Smashing a toe against a stone, I got an infection, probably by dislocating the toe nail, the related rupture of the tissue, and some internal bleeding. After my habitual waiting for the problem to go away by itself, which it didn’t, I eventually needed to see a doctor. X-rays showed no broken bones, but the growing abscess required incision and cleaning via a small surgery, local anaesthesia included. Long story short, the wound is healing well, I can shower again without a plastic bag around my foot, and I am off the painkiller meds. I hope I can go diving next week again.

Basic healthcare is free in Mauritius. Specifically, this means that there are public health centers that anyone can visit and make use of for free. Anything more is provided by private doctors and hospitals.

Clinic in Flic-en-Flac

As I wanted to have my foot x-rayed, I followed the advice of local friends and chose to visit a small private clinic in Flic-en-Flac. General practitioners and small public health centers usually don’t have x-ray equipment. “My” clinic even has a digital x-ray machine!

I am very satisfied with the services received. Diagnosis and treatment were spot-on. After the surgery, I had to go to change the bandages and check and clean the wound several times.

The clinic is open day and night, each day of the week, which was useful for the follow-up treatments and check-ups. I just went there, no appointment needed, and never experienced long waiting times. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

What is interesting is their payment system: you pay after each visit, for exactly the services received, the materials used, and the meds received, if any. Cash, credit card or debit card. From am business point of view, that’s as simple and straight forward as it gets. No debtor accounting, maximised liquidity.