Cold in the Heat

I caught a cold last week. Probably due to sweating at night, combined with air draft – I kept everything open from front to back, in an attempt to keep the temperature inside at bay. OK, lesson learned, no draft anymore, close the bedroom doors.

Sure, I could use the air con to cool down to 20 or so degrees, and then just use a cover. But that’s not a sustainable solution over weeks and months. Electrical power is expensive, and who wants to sleep with closed windows all the time anyway?

See, living in such a warm place makes you somehow feel physically invulnerable to weather and climate after some time. People mainly wear cloths for sun protection and aesthetic reasons. You’re so used to never feel cold that you forget about some basic stuff. Such as air draft. It rains and you get a bit wet? Doesn’t matter, it’s warm anyway. And your T-shirt will be dry again in a minute.

The cold in hot weather was an interesting experience. When your body is basically working to keep its temperature down all the time, not up, your known, learned perceptions of your body can get mixed up, it seems. Even with a bit of fever, I didn’t feel chilly, which for me was a sure sign of getting ill up to now. Here, at 35 degrees C, not so much. I assume my body will also adapt in this respect, and I’ll get my early warning signs back.