Back. On my island. Feels good. I was looking forward to be home again.

In October, I was in Switzerland for my second surgery, a hernia that was diagnosed in (European) summer. All went well, just two nights in the hospital, and I am recovering continuously. Actually, I needed a reminder about that recovery: today, now about a month after the operation, I thought I’d finally take up my daily fitness program again. Only to be reminded that, even though a small intervention, it was one. Laparoscopy was used, with only three small two centimetres cuts, but still cutting through the belly muscles, so today’s exercises reminded me that I might want to take it easy for now. Will do.

Even though I don’t actually feel it, it’s a funny feeling (pun intended) to know that I now have an implant in my body, a 15 by 13 centimetres net to cover the hernia from the inside. And no, a hernia is not something reserved for elder people, also younger ones can get it, as I have learned in the meantime. Hi L. :)

Anyway, I hope to be more productive again with this site now. Remember, I am recovering, taking it easy, and thus should have more time for this!