Before and After

I wanted to write about some insights about my continuous, probably never really accomplished quest to understand the human mind and human behaviour. Alas, the corresponding post turns out more difficult to write than expected, not least as it involves religion, which can be touchy topic these days, with the risk of being quickly classified as racist or islamophobe, or anything along those lines.

Instead, I rather report on a recent joyful experience, related to my engagement with helping dogs.

Back in November, we treated a dog and her puppy. Both were suffering of mange, which is a skin disease caused by parasites. It’s pretty widespread in Mauritius. Even one of my dogs, William, was afflicted, but only very lightly, with two small patches above an eye and on the nose. It took two month of administering meds to cure it.

Back to the mother and her puppy. The first picture tells it all. It was really bad. Now, a few days ago I had the opportunity to visit both. In the meantime, the owner had administered the treatment and meds prescribed by the vet. And both have recovered beautifully. Not only was their fur nice and strong again, but they both were also very active and playful. Before the treatment, both were timid, anxious and sad. Untreated, mange of that extent takes a heavy toll on the dog’s body and mind.