Hauntingly Beautiful

My copyright claim dispute wasn’t “approved”. The message reads “The claimant has reviewed their claim and confirmed it was valid. You may be able to appeal this decision, but if the claimant disagrees with your appeal, you could end up with a strike on your account."

No explanation, no reasons given, no reply to my arguments. Infuriating. Now I again would have to argue, even though I still don’t know on which grounds the claimant makes their claim and thus how to argue, and I assume I would get the same answer, “not approved”. This is just silly. Especially as I friggin’ know that I am in the right, as I know the origin of the music track used.

GFY, YouTube and Google.

However, this morning, after having read the “reply” to my dispute, I decided to try to contact the musician directly, Thomas D. Dawkins. I didn’t expect anything, but hey, an e-mail is worth a try.

So I wrote:

Lo and behold, nine (!) minutes later I received a reply:

This made my day. Firstly, he simply gave me his personal permission. No strings attached. But secondly, he got my video. Hauntingly beautiful.

So this story ends on a lighthearted note after all. I will simply delete the video on YouTube and forget the related silliness, now better understanding the complaints I heard about their dispute process. And use Vimeo for now.