Thermal Capacity

See, it only takes a post here, and Apple is making announcements (more coverage here).

Just kidding.

However, it’s a nice coincidence. Apple basically admits, if only between the lines, that they effed up with the current Mac Pro. Interesting how they address the “thermal capacity” and the missing modularity. I wasn’t aware of the term thermal capacity, but in essence it’s right among the issues I was talking about in the post above. Then again, I am not an expert, only a disgruntled user, with sufficient technical background to make things sound somewhat reasonable.

Now, they didn’t exactly announce a new Mac Pro, just that they are working on it, and that it won’t come out this year. Next year? No promises were made.

They also talked about the MacBook Pro and the iMac, and that many professional users use these models. Fair enough. I don’t think these “form factors” (to make fun of a stupid term) have the thermal capacity for really high-end computing, in particular in the graphics-heavy area, such as games or virtual/augmented reality applications, which, as described, simply needs space for cooling systems for the CPU and GPU.

We’ll see. At least Apple finally made a commitment for the Mac Pro, albeit a vague one. Unsurprisingly, the roundtable with the journalists was held my Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi, possibly the most fervent Mac supporters inside the company on high management level.

I cannot know what Tim Cook thinks, but at times he conveys the impression that an iPad Pro is all you need for professional work. Oh well.