Winter Sky

Now, on to a lighter topic. Let’s talk about the weather. Just a few days after the winter solstice seems like the right time. Remember, this means the sun rises in the north-east, and sets in the north-west here, and 21 June is the day with the shortest daylight period. At six in the morning, it’s still pitch black, and the dogs start to make a ruckus outside, as it’s already past their summer feeding time. I am sure they have some clock hidden somewhere…

So, winter is upon us. The duvet for the bed is out of the closet, and early mornings and evenings often require to wear a jacket or shawl. Or even long trousers and socks.

However, we have never had a beautiful autumn and, till now, winter as this year since I have been living here. Day after day without even one cloud passing, which is highly unusual for this island of ours. Look at the pictures below. The first one is taken at sunrise, the second at sunset. Spotless skies. Even though I like some clouds for the photographic effects, as in the third photo, the perfectly clear sky, extending visually unbounded beyond the horizon over sea, can be breathtaking.