Pictures of Other Worlds

Today, two series of pictures from other worlds, or maybe even otherworlds. Behold and marvel.

Jupiter Moons

The caption says:

Jupiter’s moon Io casts its shadow on the planet in this dramatic image from NASA’s Juno spacecraft, taken on September 11, 2019. As with solar eclipses on the Earth, within the dark circle racing across Jupiter’s cloud tops one would witness a full solar eclipse as Io passes in front of the Sun. Juno’s close proximity to Jupiter provides an exceptional fish-eye view, showing a small fraction near the planet’s equator. The shadow is about 2,200 miles wide, approximately the same width as Io, but appears much larger relative to Jupiter.

Check out the full series of pictures in this Atlantic article, Jupiter and Its Galilean Moons. Crazy stuff.


The intro for the article says:

Join us for a visual tour of the island nation of Madagascar, about 90 percent of whose flora and fauna is found nowhere else on Earth.

Here’s the Yew York Times article with all the photos: Madagascar: A Cornucopia of Beauty.

    Pictures credit: from the respective articles.