Mauritians are pragmatic. Life has to work, period. Houses are not built with — dare I say it? — unnecessary perfection. Some tubes and cables on the walls, not all hidden within, for example. Some roads have potholes. But there is a road, non? Timing is tropical — I am here now, if a bit late, so no fuss. Make stuff work, and all is good. Sometimes this can be a bit énervant to a northern mind, but then again, it invites and allows to shed the perfectionist attitude, towards oneself, as well as towards others.

Mauritius Covid restrictions

People are wearing their masks. Maybe it’s just the circle of people I communicate with, but here I don’t experience all the related discussions and flame wars I read about in certain areas of the globe. People get vaccinated. As of today, some 840,000 people out of about 1.3 million have received at least their first jab, ie. 65%. Not bad for a “developing country”.1 We have some restrictions, but life is close to normal, from a pragmatic point of view. Would it be nice not to wear masks? Sure, but it’s not a big deal.

I have received my Johnson & Johnson shot last Friday. It’s a one-dose vaccine. Depending on the country, this will be good for about a year. And travelling is my main reason to go for the jab. Because otherwise I don’t feel at risk. I think the attitude here is simply to protect oneself and the others, adapt flexibly, and go on with life. Because the virus will be with us for a long time. So masks, vaccination, and some distancing among people I don’t know is a reasonable compromise in this still not really fully explored and experienced pandemic situation and environment. Pragmatic.

As an aside, I find the mask wearing also an interesting experience. With the face partially hidden, facial expressions and reactions need to be re-calibrated and re-learned. Finding a smile only on the eyes is a nice experience.

We are experiencing a pretty windy and rainy winter. Lots of anti-cyclones, which rotate anti-clockwise around a high pressure area. A wide area, that is, not focused and potentially dangerous as a cyclone, which rotates clockwise around a low pressure centre, with a steep gradient. But spring is getting closer, temperatures are up already during the day. Verging towards swapping long trousers with shorts. And Leah, my doggie, is shedding her winter fur, which has always been a clear sign.

Ah, yes, I have purchased a new car. It’s robust, with big wheels, which is good for the potholes. Very old-fashioned concept, with a real chassis and a carrosserie on top. Sturdy. It’s fun to drive. Like a little truck. And it’s small-ish. Which makes it easy to drive around here. I keep the backseats folded down, so I have quite some loading space, which is ideal for transporting boxes and stuff for the Charity Centre, also as its overall shape is pretty boxy. I love that car. I have never had anything like it. Pragmatic.

  1. 60% are fully vaccinated. ↩︎