Cyclone Formation

There’s an area close to Mauritius where a cyclone might form. Here’s a video that shows this formation and the cyclone’s projected path in the forthcoming days, based on the ECMWF model.

As the formation is so close to the island, the cyclone might be upon us on the weekend already. Interestingly, none of the local weather forecast sites here have issued any warning as of now (Thursday morning). Indeed, there is no cyclone or tropical storm yet, but as the Joint Typhoon Warning Center drily notes,

Global models are in agreement that the cyclone will develop into a 35-knot system and track south over the next 36-72 hours.

Also, other models, such as GFS, predict that the storm will pass the island much closer. I don’t understand there isn’t at least a preliminary warning out.

Anyway, it looks as if I might some time watching movies with my dogs again. They appreciated to be inside the last time.